Apr 19

Álfadís frá Selfossi was honoured last night at a big show Stóðhestaveislan, helt at Samskipahöllin Sprettur. She was honoured for her great skills as a breeding mare, the fact that at the two latest Landsmót, 2016 and 2018 around 25% of the horses qualified to take part in the breeding shows was her off spring or a descendant. Álfadís is now pregnant with her 18'th offspring sired by Arður frá Brautarholti. At 15 years old she received Honour price for off sprigs and every year since then, seven years in a row she has delivered her offsprings to 1 price only 4 years old.
In the honouring last saturday night, it was my idea to start it as a fairytale, telling her story about when she came to the breeding shows herself only 4 years at the year 2000. When she was judged for confirmation (outside) it was already misty,but she was taking part in the last qualification for Landsmót, last week, last day, last group and the last horse, receiving 7,78 for confirmation. Not an expected start for a mare who later has been proven to be one of the most successful breeding mares in the Icelandic horse world.
This was what we were trying to create at this show, Álfadís was led in alone with her foal in the dark as her story was told. She was the picture her offsprings and descendants arrived later showing their ridden abilities as a frame around her, the picture. When I received the following message after the show I understood that I had succeed in telling her story.

"Hi, I want to thank you and Bergur for the riveting and beautiful performance of Álfadís and her story. Thanks for bringing her and sharing your fairy tail and moment with us"