Jan 20
We are very proud that three horses from our breeding received the Honors Award for offsprings 2019. Those are Álfasteinn from Selfoss, Önn and Prýði frá Ketilsstöðum. Then Ljóni frá Ketilsstöðum(son of Álfasteinn), was awarded 1 prize for offsprings.
In fact, Alfasteinn met the qualifications for an honourary Award in 2011 and has met them ever since but due to incomprehensible rules they are not delivered until now.
None of these horses are in our possession anymore, as we are breeders who need to sell our horses to make a living.
Álfasteinn and Ljóni are in Denmark, Álfasteinn left the country in 2007 and Ljóni 2013. It is nice to note however, that both these horses reached the limits only on offsprings born in Iceland to begin with. Even Álfasteinn has long time proved to breederes abroad that he is a outstanding breeding stallion. It will be interesting to see if this award will give Ljóni the attention he deserves.