May 11

 Grýla frá Stangarholti





Grýla with her son Strokkur from Orri, he is 4y old and expected in breeding evaluation this summer.

Grýla's mother is Spurning frá Kleifum and her father is Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum she is now 21y old.

She is mostly famous for being mother of Álfadís frá Selfossi but today her second daughther is doing good, that is Aðaldís frá Syðri Gegnishólum. Aðaldís which is 5y old, her father is Aðall frá Nýja Bæ who is a son of Adam frá Meðalfelli, therefore she is more than a half sister to Álfadís. Grýlas grandsons from Álfadís, Álfasteinn and Álfur have many good offsprings in the breeding show at Hafnarfjörður. Her grandchild, Gandálfur got a very good judgement, a total score of 8,44 as is. Aðaldís got a total score of 8,27, 8,04 for confirmation and 8,42 for riding abilities.


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