May 14

This week we brought Álffinur to the breedingshows, and he got a new breeding evaluation with a total score of 8, 37. I have just made a video from the show that we publish on the homesite today. Álffinnur is seven years old, dam is Álfadís frá Selfossi and sire is Orri frá Þúfu. His older full brother is Álfur frá Selfossi with a totalscore of 8,46 and the winner of the Sleipnir throphy on last Lanssmót, 1 price of honor for offsprings. And younger full sister is Álfhildur frá Syðri Gegnishólum 6 years, total score 8,38. In the fall the forth and last full sibling is to be broken, Álfgrímur frá Syðri Gegnishólum 3 years old. red pinto.

Álffinnur forskoðun 20.CR2 Álffinnur forskoðun 10 Álffinnur forskoðun 2 Álffinnur forskoðun 8 IMG 0543 IMG 0538

Pictures and video Gangmyllan.   Click here to see the video  http://youtu.be/QMq2HRKCBMQ