May 14

Bergur and Minning frá Ketilsstöðum won Pace Test on a WR competition in Selfoss this weekend. They did very good, every thing went well and strong in every part. Bergur has prepared her well, competed on her in Meistaradeildin this winter but one transition pace-tölt-walk didn't go as planned so he wound up in the 9th place. Now every thing worked and with a score of 7.54. 
Minning is 11 years old, recieved 9,5 for pace when she was 5 years old. She is after the honorary prize parents Framkvæmd frá Ketilsstöðum and Gustur frá Hóli. After Minning we hace 3 offsprings, 5,4 and 3 years old, but we decided to take her from breed and use her in competition.

Here are some pictures of Minning and Bergur since this winter, I don't remember who took the pictures but I think it was Óðinn Örn Jóhannsson. 

B27Y4634 B27Y1893