Feb 17

While trainin today we noticed that more than half of the horses in the riding hall were from Hellubær and that Vaka, that great gæðingur is the mother of them all. We had to taka a picture of course. Far left is Váli going 6y old sire Kiljan from Steinnes then Viðátta going 5y old sire Ljóni from Ketilsstaðir and the youngest one is nn. going 4y old sire Brimnr from Ketilsstaðir. Vaka was an endless gæðingur and I think she has the highest score for riding abilities as a 4y old 4 gaiter ever with a total score of  8,48, there of 9,5 for trot, canter and slow tempo canter and 9,0 for tölt, form under rider and willingness. Vakas mother is Gola frá Hellubæ who is a daughther of Gáski from Hofsstaðir and Feykir from Hafsteinsstaðir. Four of Vakas offsprings have got 1st price. We are very lucky to have a fourgaited daughther of hers in our breeding, her name is Védís with 9,5 for slow tempo tolt and slow tempo canter like her mother and brother, Vestri from Hellubær. A precious quality when it is hard to find horses with good canter.